The Yakuza Movie Review

The Yakuza came to the Office today.  The Mad Swede followed.  He paused and asked, "what now?"  The Intern said, "The Yakuza."  Mad Swede smiled, "all mine." 

The next day he reappeared reeking of Hawaiian Tropic, Spearmint gum and Sake.  He placed a Rune and writing scarred sheet of paper, smeared with blood on our desk. "Good film".  These are his words, translated from Swedish (thank you Google).

"Watch this blood soaked lesson in life.  It is for you. It is good. 5/5 Thor Hammers.

 Bleach boiled, Los Angeles, under a hot sun, sweating, dripping 70s style, with good guys in sports jackets, damn rollnecks up against The Yakuza.  Relocate to Japan.  What is this, what's going on, are they the Japanese mafia or are they much more, more Samurai?  Wtf does a PI, a hard boiled American Private Eye do to get in and get out, and save a kidnapped girl? 

 A classic film noir, a classic American Private Eye stuck in a Yakuza power struggle in classic Japan, what could go wrong?  Only honour, swords, guns and men facing their GIRI, their obligation will do..."If you don't feel obligation, you don't have it"... you are unworthy, you are nothing.  The Lone Wolf and the PI, indebted to each other.  Why?  A woman, of course, a strong woman.

Fated battle royale begins there is no beating about the Bushi Do.  The bloody Michi trail revolves through Pachinko palace, a ninja style, sneaky, bathhouse, sword assassin and more bad men finding bad ends immersed in a world of tradition, beyond the law, gambling, and ready to fight and die.  Awesome sword on sword slicearama with added tattoos that are from tattoo heaven.  The shotgun disposes the sneaky fks who try and get round the back. 

 It is life, debts, payment, protection, gambling, payment, honour, control, dishonour, brutal death and more death.  There will be finger chopping.  There will be blood. 

Dirty Harry meets Shogun Assassin with Lone Wolf and Baby Cart and a sliver of Reservoir Dogs.  That is what I feel, that is what I saw."

The blurb says this;

'Former private eye Harry Kilmer knows a lot about Japan and the gangsters who keep an iron grip on its gambling, prostitution and protection rackets. He knows there's a right way to approach the brutal underworld. And he knows there's one thing powerful mobsters respect: greater power.

Robert Mitchum is Kilmer in this haunting East-meets-West-head-on thriller powered by a team of heavy Hollywood hitters: writers Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver) and Robert Towne (Chinatown) and director Sydney Pollack (The Interpreter). Co-starring Japan's Takakura Ken and veteran character actor Brian Keith,

The Yakuza is a modern film noir in which honour and loyalty become issues of life and death. Violence erupts with the speed of a Tokyo-bound bullet train. And the last thing to die is tradition.'

Berserkar VH Anders