Wing Chun Dummy: The Complete Guide To Using The Wooden Dummy


The Wing Chun Dummy is perhaps one of the most iconic items of equipment ever seen in both martial arts films and inside martial arts schools.

In this article we will give you an indepth look at the Wing Chun Dummy, provide you with the facts about it’s use and origins and introduce you to how you could use a wing chun dummy to your training even if you do not study any style of kung fu.

To get you pumped please check out this video from the film Ip Man that showcases the power and beauty of using the Wing Chun Dummy​

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What Is A Wing Chun Dummy?

Perhaps the first and most basic question we need to answer is ‘what is a wooden dummy’?

A Wooden Dummy is a traditional training tool used in Wing Chun and other martial arts. In essence it is very much like the Wing Chun Kung Fu version of a boxers punch bag.

The dummy itself is made usually from wood however in recent years we have seen a rise in PVC versions which has dramatically reduced the costs. With the growth of 3D printing it is likely that the costs of a plastic wooden dummy will be massively reduced. However for the authentic experience it is recommended that you purchase a wooden dummy.

What Is A Mook Jong?

One of the main questions that does come up when talking about wooden dummies is ‘what is a Mook Jong’? In truth the Mook Jong is simply the correct name for a Wooden Dummy.

The legend has it that the Mook Jong (wooden dummy) originated from the Shaolin Temple. Legend says that inside the temple there were 109 different wooden dummy variations in a tunnel and a student had to be able to use each of them.

However a Nun by the name of Ng Mui escaped from the Temple when it was set on fire and burnt to the ground. She later is credited as founding Wing Chun and she unified the 108 techniques into one set that could be used by one wooden dummy.

What Type Of Wood Are Wooden Dummies Made From?

As stated earlier a Wooden Dummy can be made from UPVC and other plastic materials however they are usually made from either teak or hardwood. Without doubt they are an piece of training equipment that is built to last.

How To Use A Wing Chun Dummy

Right, we are now at the real in depth content.  Over the next few videos all of which have been filmed by World of Martial Arts Television you will learn how to use a Wing Chun Wooden Dummy and see exactly how to get the most out of your training. 

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The Benefits of Using A Wing Chun Dummy

Whilst the Wing Chun Dummy might seem just for Kung Fu styles, in actual fact any style of martial art can benefit from possessing this training equipment.

First let us examine the structure of the dummy.

Although variations exist the standard dummy tends to have 3 wooden arms and a leg. The central column acts as the body of an opponent much the same way as a punch bag does.

The dummy is very hard and it is incredibly easy to break your fist trying to punch the dummy too hard so it is strongly advised that you take your time and build up slowly.

In kung Fu there are specific sets of techniques that you can learn (and should learn) that will enable you to use the dummy and get the most from it, however it is perfectly acceptable to use the dummy in a freestyle fashion.

You will quickly start to see how the dummy will toughen up/ condition the small bones in your hand over time. However you might find that the skin on your knuckles will become sore even if you are going slowly. This is to be expected.

To reduce the inflammation on your knuckles you can purchase pads that go onto the core body of the dummy. These pads are similar in thickness to a wall bag and as such are a great addition to your wing chun dummy as they can help you to train for longer on the dummy.

How Western Boxers Can Use The Wing Chun Dummy

Of all the martial arts that could benefit from using using the wooden dummy it is boxers that have the most to gain.

Due to the hands/ arms of the dummy being located on the body of the dummy a boxer is able to practise the art of infighting. To do this they should stand close to the dummy and have their guard up high. Using their hands they can work on pulling down that arms and then landing hooks and uppercuts.

Interestingly there are now many devices on sale that replicate a dummy arms that are attached to punch bags for that very reason.

Bruce Lee And The Wooden Dummy

One of the most iconic figures who used the wing chun dummy was Bruce Lee. Originally Bruce Lee was trained in Wing Chun by the legendary Yip Man however as we know Bruce Lee later went on to create the art of Jeet Kune Do.

Over the years Bruce actually developed a range of variations of the Wooden Dummy which were created by his friends.


So there you have it, our guide to the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy.

Without doubt the wooden dummy is an incredible training tool that we highly recommend for you. It is versatile and has a wide range of uses. 

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