Who is The Worlds Hardest Hitter?

Are you the World’s Hardest Hitter?

This is the beginning of the search for the World’s Hardest Hitter. Launched at the O2 Millennium Dome London over 2 days we profiled the punches of over a 1000 men, women and children to find out who was the World’s Hardest Hitter. In this part 1 we showcase some of the participants working their Power Generation. See who hits the big numbers… it isn’t always who you think. More to follow.

Next stage is the World’s Hardest Hitter tour of the USA, UK and Europe; Could It Be You? Details to be announced. If you want to take part get in touch; whh@woma.tv

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WoMA.tv is the production partner with StrikeCoach Ltd for the World’s Hardest Hitter.