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The Yakuza Movie Review

The Yakuza came to the Office today.  The Mad Swede followed.  He paused and asked, “what now?”  The Intern said, “The Yakuza.”  Mad Swede smiled, “all mine.”  The next day he reappeared reeking of Hawaiian Tropic, Spearmint gum and Sake.  He placed a Rune and writing scarred sheet of paper, smeared with blood on our desk. […]


The Villainess Movie Review

WE found this Movie Review skewered to a tree by a Viking axe. The blood on it was fresh.  No we didn’t. The Intern gave it to the mad Swede at the end of the corridor. This is translated from Swedish. “The film stole my eyeballs from the opening kill fest.  You, yes you, the […]