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Bullying, Teenagers & Taekwondo (or Any Martial Arts) Training

Bullying, Teenagers & Taekwondo (or Any Martial Arts) TrainingDefeat Bullies With Martial ArtsMy Taekwondo training is helping me parent my tween!It’s like taking a solid blow to the chest.That gut-wrenching feeling you get when someone is hurting your child.And not just once. But over and OVER again. The fact the one doing the hurting is […]


How Martial Arts Can Help With Bullying: the Rubber Monkeys Discussion

Ever been bullied, ever been a bully? We locked the Rubber Monkeys, the legends Daniel Strauss, Chris Hearn and Mick Tully in a room and let them talk, the Naked Truth. Real stories from real men. In this episode, The Rubber Monkeys talk bullying and more: Who are the Rubber Monkeys? Daniel Strauss the Raspberry Ape, […]