Self Defense: 15 Techniques To Annihilate Any Attacker

World of Martial Arts Television is proud to present the amazing Peter Sciarra of Integrated Combat Systems. Peter is without a doubt one of the world's leading self-defense instructors.  So when World of Martial Arts Television heard he was in France for a seminar, we jetted off to Paris to make sure we captured some incredible footage of him in action.

In this post, you will find 15 of Peter's self-defence techniques and you will learn how to block a power punch and take the opponents back to finish the fight.

You will learn drills to add to your training and ​techniques that render an opponent under your complete control.

So if you are ready to learn, settle down, turn off the TV and enjoy one the world's leading self-defence experts share his skills.

1. Destroy the Opponents Offence With This Mirror Side Arm Drag

Only an idiot wants to trade punches with everyone. That  is not what self-defence is about and this technique is a great example of being smart.

Peter teaches you to get out of the attacker's line of power and to the side or back using his mirror side arm drag.

2. Never Get Controlled With A Shoulder Grab With This Slick Move

There are some incredible grapplers out there and also lots of people out there with serious  strength.

You simply don't want these people to grab onto you and ​Peter has a great technique to deal with the shoulder grab. 

Press play to see it in action. ​

3. How To Get Their Back When You Are Clinched Up With A Grappler

With the rise of MMA lots of people now have grappling moves in their arsenal of attacks. 

Peter shows an awesome move to take the back from a clinch and you will love it. ​

4. How To Block A Haymaker and Turn The Tables

Haymakers still catch people out and drop them all the time.

Never get caught again with this technique and follow up move!​

5. How To End The Fight Quickly With A Standing Choke

There are times that you need to end a fight fast.

In this video Peter Sciarra shows you a super fast fight finish and how to get there. ​

6. Take The Aggressor Down With A Head Twist Takedown

When things go 'live' and you have one or several attackers to deal with, this takedown will change the game and introduce the attacker to concrete in a  split second.

7. How To Control The Attackers Head And Move Them Into A Vulnerable Position

Peter will teach you to move the attacker into a position that will allow you to strike freely without them being able to hit you

8. Defend A Leg Grab Using The Spinning Takedown

If the opponent grabs your legs you might end up on the floor.

Peter shows you a cool counter to a leg grab in this must watch video​

9. What To Do If They Try and Headlock You

Sooner or later if you end up in close range with  your attacker they will try and grab your head.

Peter shares with you how to stop this from happening in a flash!​

10. How To Take A Bat Off The Guy Swinging It At Your Head

Ok, so there is a madman with a bat, and he is heading your way. What are you going to do?

Peter shows you how to turn the tables by taking the bat off him. ​

11. A Great Training Drill To Improve Technique

It won't matter how many videos you watch if you do not spend time training the techniques.

Drills are a great way to increase ​skill and Peter teaches you a really good one in this video. 

12. Take Total  Control Of Your Attacker With This Hammer Lock

We love hammer locks because they are so effective.

Peter Sciarra is an expert and this is a great video that shows you how to get into position.

P.S. Peter shows one little trick to making them more effective!​

13. How To Stop  A Hard Punch With The Zone Block

Not sure what a zone block is? 

The answer is in this video, and if you already know then this variation will impress you. 

14. When Your Opponent Drops Their Head Use These 5 Techniques To End The Fight

In a fight people drop their heads. The do it out of a desire to take you down and they down it because it feels safe.

In this video Peter shares 5 really cool moves that turns the tables on anyone who drops their head.

15. How To Take Your Opponent Down If You End Up On The Floor With Him Standing Over You

Sadly even the best of us can get caught and put on the floor.

Peter has a plan if this happens and in this video he shares his technique with you. ​


​So there you have it. 15 videos filmed on location by World of Martial Arts Television.

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Many thanks to Peter Sciarra for allowing us to film him and please check him out at his website  Also thanks to Elies Atoui and the Academia Francaise de Krav Maga who were hosts for this event. Check them out there training here

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