​NICOLAS SAIGNAC reveals; where he first started training?  What style he teaches?  What is SAVATE BOXE FRANCAISE?  Where did SAVATE come from?  How did it transition from brawling sailors & workers to a national martial art?  How did he end up in California? 

The awesome NICOLAS SAIGNAC talks to Mick Tully about the powerful system of SAVATE.

Boxe Francaise Savate is an exciting ring sport and is known for its fluidity, mobility and rapid-fire combinations. It is a blend of French street based Kickboxing and Old English Boxing developed in the 19th century on sailing ships and in the back-alleys of France.

Professor Nicolas is a former, French Savate champion, dedicating the last 26 years of his life to teaching the sport to students of all levels. His study of Savate began in 1983 under the tutelage and guidance of Franco DiGuglielmo (one of France’s best coaches). Professor Saignac reached the final of the French Cup in 1987 and won the title the following year.

After competing for six years in Savate as well as in Boxing, Professor Saignac retired from the ring to focus on teaching, coaching, judging and refereeing. He holds teaching credentials from the Ministry of Sports in Savate and Boxing, Nicolas Saignac also holds a Silver Glove 2nd degree, the highest Savate rank in the United States.

He moved to Los Angeles, California in 1992, where he is one of the leading promoters of the sport, teaching, leading, training or coaching successful US teams to several World Savate Championships. He has had the honor to teach Savate Kickboxing with a strong emphasis on ring tactics at the awesome Inosanto Academy working with renowned martial artists Guro Dan Inosanto, Erik Paulson and Ron Balicki.

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