Martial Arts Training: How To Train At Home And Develop Staggering Skill and Power


The world is a crazy place and we all have a lot on our plate.

Shift work, family time and of course having a social life make getting to regular martial arts lessons tough.

If your class is a 20 minutes drive away you are looking at at least 2 hours out of your personal life each time you go and very often this can lead you to missing out on important things such as reading your kids a bedtime story or having a meal with your partner.

So how can you have the best of both worlds? Home training!

Home training!

However many people will tell you that home training can never replace training in a club or school, yet in this guide, we will be telling you exactly what home training is and how you can train at home on your own and stil develop razor sharp skills and power.

Why Home Martial Arts Training Works

There is a mistaken belief that training at home is not effective when in truth it can actually be even more effective than classes.

The reason is that you actually cut out the fluff.

There is something called choice paralysis and this happens to all of us in everyday life.

An example could be when you are sat in a restaurant and the menu is literally full of 100’s of dishes and it takes you ages to choose. Or when you want to watch something on TV and you just can’t find anything even though there are over 2500 films to choose from.

Choice, is not necessarily a good thing because it slows us down.

Sadly most martial arts are over filled with so many techniques that they start to lose focus on how to deliver the techniques. Boxing is an example of success through a lack of choice. They only have a few core strikes yet all the energy is on fitness, timing, power and speed development.

This makes the boxer devastating because he doesn’t have an abundance of over complicated techniques to think about.

By training at home you need only focus on what you need martial arts for and for most this will usually be self defence.

This keeps things simple and as such will allow you to become devastating very quickly.

What Tools Do You Need To Train Martial Arts At Home?

The great thing about home training is that you can be as inventive as you like when it comes to your equipment and you can create most of your own equipment to start training at home.

So let’s start by creating a punching bag from tires:


Ok so that is great but what about grappling? Well we have you covered there with this amazing video on building a grappling dummy:

Now that is pretty much all you need however you can start to develop a few other tools that will soon have your skill levels increasing, and my two favourite home training items are virtually free to use.

The first is the leglock stick.

This low-cost tool will allow you to develop crushing leg lock strength which is incredibly useful self-defence.

Here is the video:


My other favourite trick is something I read in an Eddie Bravo book and is called The Squeeze and in allows you to develop crushing strength for chokes. This video is from the man himself:


Professional Home Martial Arts Training Tools

For those of you that have some funds you can buy some great home training products to increase your martial arts skills at home.

Here are some of our favourites:

The CXT Trainer


The CXT Trainer  or to use its full name combat x trainer is a very unusual tool for training grappling at home but very effective. Check out this footage of Rener Gracie rolling with the CXT and also some other drills below


The Motion Master

This device was made popular and invented by Grappling legend Erik Paulson.  it is a high-intensity training bag for MMA.

The motion master is available from Rev Gear and is a great solution for home training.

Neil Adams Uchikomi Bands

Our last item on the list is the Neil Adams Uchikomi Bands. These are developed to increase strength and fitness along with grappling skill which is essential in self-defence. The workout alone with these is amazing.

And here is another example of how you can use them:

Ok so now we have the tools it is time to start training.

How To Train Martial Arts In Your Home

The key to great martial arts training at home lies in two factors.

The first is your dedication and the second is in your application.

If you have not received any training before I strongly suggest you need to go to a club first, whilst it is possible to ‘teach yourself’ martial arts this is not easy.

However if you have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of grappling and striking you are all set.

The first key is to schedule your workouts so you have at least 4 each week and these will last 1 hour.

Warm Up

Your warm up should always be as follows:

3 x 3 minutes footwork

You should then progress onto 3 x 3 minutes shadow work.

I like to change mine and some days use grappling and some days using shadow boxing.

If you are not sure how to shadow grapple here is an example:

Follow this with some light stretching and we can then move on.

Core Workout

This part will be where you work hard and I split it into 2 sections and then 2 further subsections. These are Striking and Grappling and Technique and Training.

I will start with Striking

Striking Training

I will start with technique. To do this I will pick a strike and spend at least 5 minutes perfecting my technique. Often before I do this I will go online and watch tutorials such as one on the low leg kick.

After spending 5 minutes working on my technique I will then start my striking training.

I will do 5 x 3-minute rounds on a heavy bag and each round will focus on a new activity.

For example:

Round 1  Jabs only

Round 2 All punches

Round 3 Kicks and knee strikes only

Round 4 Elbows and Knees

Round 5 All strikes

After this is completed I will then go to the grappling rounds

Grappling Training At Home

My grappling workout is exactly the same. 5 minutes on technique, however, the rounds are slightly different because I drill both on a grappling dummy and using the uchikomi bands.

For example, I might do 2 rounds uchikomi followed by 2 rounds leg lock drills and a round of guard passing.

Because grappling training on a dummy is not what people refer to as ‘alive’ it does not mean that it is not very useful.

Instead, you are actually becoming laser focused through drilling and when you see an opportunity you go for it.


After I have done all that I stretch and then cool down with some light shadow boxing and away I go for a shower.

However, I must add that when I train I do so really hard. I often add a small set of bodyweight exercises at the end but my sessions are exhausting .

With focus you can possess devastating power and skill even when training at home, sure, it would be far better to go to a class but that just isn’t possible for everyone.

So go and try the workout, and let us know how you got on!

Thanks for reading


The WoMA.TV Team