How Martial Arts Reduce Stress And Why You Should Give Them A Try

martial arts reduces stress

Right now the world is a stressful place.

On a daily basis the average person spends over 2 hours each day looking at emails alone.

Then when you consider that 13.3 million working days each year are lost through stress, anxiety and depression, you can see what an enormous problem stress is.

Today we will look at how martial arts can reduce stress and why you should consider training in a martial art to benefit your life.

What Is Stress?

In a nutshell, stress can be described as the way you feel when you are under abnormal pressure.

However, stress damages cells in the human body and can even damage brain structure.

Doctor Daniel Kaufer from UC Berkley has observed that chronic stress can cause changes in our brains. He stated in an interview: “The hippocampus regulates memory and emotions, and plays a role in various emotional disorders and has been known to shrink under extended periods of acute stress.”

How Will Martial Arts Reduce Stress?

Ok this is all well and good, but you ay be wondering why or how martial arts will reduce stress in your life.

Well, this has a lot to do with the structure of a lesson and how martial arts combine exercise and education.

The process of exercise as we know creates endorphins and these chemicals interact with the brain receptors and lift your mood.

However did you know that learning also helps to reduce stress?

According to the NHS:

“Research shows that learning throughout life is associated with greater satisfaction and optimism, and improved ability to get the most from life.

People who carry on learning after childhood report higher wellbeing and a greater ability to cope with stress. They also report more feelings of self-esteem, hope, and purpose.

Setting targets and hitting them can create positive feelings of achievement.”

The beauty of martial arts is that they combine both physical exercise and learning to really change people.

The Journey From White To Black Belt

The average black belt takes about 4 years to obtain (some more and some less).

So for 4 years you will attend martial arts classes probably about twice a week.

Each time you will have to apply your mind to learn a new technique, become physically active and in the process your brain will not be able to think about the issues that resolve around your daily life.

So in 4 years how many of these stress-busting session will you have? Probably about 416!!

So over the course of 4 years, you will learn a new skill and de-stress at the same time! Not bad value for money.

The Power Of Friendship In Martial Arts

Have you been to a gym? I have lots of times.

Every now and again I see someone I know and I say hello to them but unless I know them it is tough to make deep connections as they are running on the treadmill.

Martial arts is an entirely different type of activity that is built on mutual respect from the start.

You are training on another person’s body, and this requires you to be careful as your training partner is giving you the chance to improve as a martial artist by using them.

For this reason,  martial artists will shake hands, touch gloves or bow to each other every time they spar another round, try a technique or just at the start or end of class.

This sign of respect is basically a huge thank you to your training partners.

The result it easy to see as the bond between martial artists is a powerful one. You are all on a shared journey in the arts.


Stress is really damaging to the human body and mind.

Yet medical authorities tell us that exercise and learning a new skill is great for the reduction of stress and the increase in mental well-being.

The martial arts deliver this and much more.

So if you have a friend who is stressed up show them this article they might just begin their path to black belt.