Martial Arts Are Not For Everyone: Guest Article By Grandmaster Daw

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Martial Arts Are Not For Everyone

I am Grand Master Thomas Daw; I own and run the MFMA, a global martial arts society. I am going to elaborate on why martial arts are not for everyone.

We live in a world of online everything, great customer service and everything in an instant.

Learning martial arts is not something that can be accomplished overnight. Learn too fast and forget knowledge too
fast too.

I had people beg me to teach them, and most never showed up. The ones that did only lasted a few lessons. Martial arts are like life, it gets harder as it goes along, not easier. The better you are at fighting, the more you have to control yourself.

We all have access to thousands of violent films and fighting games nowadays. Young children and teens see experts on a fictional film and want to emulate their new heroes. The youngsters join a local Dojo, get all the kit and quit after a few months. The kids realise that they will never learn that triple backflip kick they saw in a wire Fu movie,
and leave. Real fighting is not pretty or fancy at all, it is brutal and ugly.

Some people learn moves because they want to start bullying others and exploit their martial arts skills. People who just want to hurt others need to be weeded out of any society.

MMA is popular with people who just want to learn to fight, most miss the point that there are no cages, rules or rounds on the street. But MMA, karate or any skills are better than none.

Martial arts are about self-defence, not fame-seeking, glory and applause. Lots of competitive fighters posing as martial artists have been destroyed on the streets.In real life there is no competition, only survival. Learn to defend.

Are you a team player? Then forget martial arts. Learning martial arts takes you on an individual journey of self-discovery. Many join Karate because their mate does it and quit all martial arts because karate was not for them. Find a style that you want to do, forget the others and their opinions. I gave up more styles than most did, and am thankful for it. Where is the team when you bump into some asshole on the street? Nowhere.

Most people do not do martial arts because they simply cannot be bothered. If you do not like being told what to do, martial arts are definitely not for you. However, there are many underprivileged people who want to learn but could never afford to attend any local Dojo. There are those who are weak and feel threatened in any group environment. There are people who have anxiety disorders and need martial arts.

I set up the MFMA so that anybody who did want to learn martial arts can have the opportunity, rich or poor, black or white etc. All over 18 are welcome, and, you don’t have to be a triple backflip kick expert to join.

All my students globally get a newsletter like this every month, plus discounts on courses and other goodies. Maybe I’ll see you on your journey up the martial arts mountain. Real experts not forum fighters.


Grand Master Daw.

President of the MFMA Society.