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​​Ground Control SILAT ​Ground Control Silat Suffian Maul Mornie Silat USAThe awesome MAUL MORNIE shows how to CONTROL an opponent[...]
NightShooters Exclusive Movie Fight Clip
​NIGHTSHOOTERS Exclusive Movie Fight ​Clip ​​NIGHTSHOOTERS exclusive FIGHT CLIP Official (2018)​Fight clip, flip kick, smash em action from rising action[...]
NightShooters Exclusive Movie Trailer
​NIGHTSHOOTERS Movie Mayhem ​NIGHTSHOOTERS - Exclusive Red Band Trailer (2018)Don't miss our exclusive profile on rising martial arts star Jean-Paul[...]
The Debt Collector Revealed
​The Debt Collector Revealed​SCOTT ADKINS Louis Mandylor Selina Lo Jesse Johnson Reveal THE DEBT COLLECTORThe team behind the ​film reveal what it[...]
Jackie Chan Reborn
​Jackie Chan REBORNPolice StoryJackie Chan Reborn on Blu RayToday Jackie is one of the most recognizable and influential cinematic personalities[...]
KickAss Fight Fu Film Festival
KickAss Fight Fu Film FestivalFighting Spirit Film Festival Kicks into Action​​The FIGHTING SPIRIT FILM FESTIVAL is back with a Vengeance,[...]