Why The Life of Bruce Lee Should Be Taught In All High Schools

For a Martial Artist, Bruce Lee is a hero, an icon and a pioneer.

Not only did Bruce Lee change Martial Arts, but he also changed the lives of so many people through his writing, his Martial Art and of course his films.

The issue is that while Bruce is a hero to a generation, there are millions of people who do not know who Bruce Lee was.

And we believe that this generation is missing out on a learning experience that could change their lives.

So in this article, we are going to put forward a case.

A case that the life of Bruce Lee should be a compulsory subject in schools across the globe.


Let's do this.

Bruce Lee Battled Against Adversity And Overcame It

Bruce was born on 27th November 1940 in San Francisco, California and as a child, his family moved back to Hong Kong where he studied Kung Fu with the legendary Yip Man.

Many years later Bruce moved back to the USA to attend high school and University.

And if you know anything about Bruce you will already know that his films and TV work would make him a global name before his untimely death in 1973

But that is not the lesson here.

Bruce overcame many obstacles and setbacks through his life and career that serve as incredible lessons for the youth of today.

Here are just a few:

1. Bruce Relocated To Another Country

At 38 years of age, the idea of relocating to another country fills me with fear;

I mean what if you are sick, what are the Doctors like? How do I get a drivers licence? How do I pay my tax?

All those little details that fill up our lives that we forget about.

Well, a young Bruce Lee moved to the USA having grown up in Hong Kong, that takes guts, but also it teaches children that there is a whole world of opportunity waiting to be discovered.

2. Bruce Overcame Racism

The story is that Bruce Lee was teaching Westerners and this did not go down well with the Chinese.

And still, his attitude was to show the beauty of his culture and teach those that wished to learn.

In a world that seems to be focused on increasing our differences, the ethos of Bruce is more critical than ever.

Personally, I love to experience other cultures and learn about people from all walks of life.

This should be encouraged and Bruce was a pioneer in this regard.

3. Bruce Lee Set Amazing Goals and Achieved Them

Bruce should not be famous.

The odds were stacked against him from day one.

From his racial heritage to his height (he was hardly Dave Batista, or Arnie was he), Bruce on paper should never have been the global icon he was.

But he set his goals, he pursued them, overcame the bad times and in a non-internet era, he became a megastar.

The youth of today is so focused on internet fame; they fail to understand just what it takes to be amazing at something.

Bruce is a lesson in focus and hard work.

And while he was not the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Batista the physique of Bruce is often seen as far more incredible.

Bruce was the epitome of hard work and a lesson to us all about achieving our dreams.

4. Bruce Made Us All Think With His Words

The writing of Bruce Lee is largely based on his observations and philosophy (which he studied).

But there is one thing reading it from a philosophy book and an entirely other thing reading it from the world's most celebrated martial artist.

Many people have been introduced to philosophy through Bruce Lee, and this is again a powerful tool that teachers can use.

Our world is chaotic and very challenging, and we need our next generation to think creatively and with an openness to change.

When our children  learn things from Bruce they are more likely to listen, his impact is just as powerful today as ever before.

5. Jeet Kune Do Should Be Taught In Gym Class

Jeet Kune Do (The Way of the Intercepting Fist) is as much a philosophy about Martial Arts as it is an actual fighting system.

Bruce studied martial arts like Wing Chun and western sports like boxing and fencing.

The result was JKD (Jeet Kune Do)

Now, there are many Martial Arts that would make a great addition to a school curriculum.

The issue is that some are self-defence focused and others are sport orientated.

JKD offers a chance to experience Martial Arts from many cultures, blended to create a self-defence system.

It is also a great workout!

This is a truly unique activity that would introduce many children to learning personal safety along with the discovery of other cultures that make up JKD.

How Bruce Lee Can Help Schools

When you were a child, if you had heard that Bruce Lee was coming to your school to teach then you would have gone crazy.

Bruce Lee was a megastar.

But Bruce was not your typical celebrity.

He was a Martial Artist, and he was a student of life.

Through studying the life and writing of Bruce Lee, our children will learn about another human who battled against racism.

Students will learn to appreciate their physical self through the exercise regime of Bruce, and they will discover art.

The art of writing, the art of acting and of course the Martial Arts.

There are many people whose lives children should study.

From Oskar Schindler to Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela to Gandhi

The list of incredible people is just that, incredible.

However, Bruce Lee (in the opinion of this writer) has the potential to capture the imagination and attention of so many of our children.

Because in an era where celebrities are admired for their physiques and appearances on TV and film, in Bruce Lee we have a man that was both physically incredible yet mentally inspiring.

Bruce Lee has the power to change lives and he an and is teaching us all to this day.

And if Bruce Lee becomes part of the school curriculum, his life can serve as education and inspiration for generations to come.

Thanks for reading