Kung Fu Martial Arts: 5 Reasons You Need To Try Them

Kung Fu Martial arts

If you were to ask 100 martial arts instructors what style of martial art should a new student try, you would get 100 different answers.

This advice is not great for a newcomer to the martial arts, but at the end of the day, everyone thinks their art is the best, and today we are going to add to this by giving you a compelling reason why you should choose Kung Fu as your choice of martial art.

1. Kung Fu Is Devastating

We hear it all the time 'nothing beats MMA'.

Ok well, imagine this, you are on a train and you are sitting down. You end up getting a group of idiots wanting to fight you because you looked in their direction.You are outnumbered, you are sitting down, you have no room to take anyone down, you cannot throw a hook punch or a Thai leg kick.

Your MMA skills go out of the window at this time. You could change the scenario to one of being inside an alleyway and surrounded by a group.

The facts remain the same; you cannot train in an art that plays by the rules; you need a style that devastates the opponents.

Check out this epic Ip Man fight scene to see Kung Fu in action against multiple opponents. Albeit a film, you can see how Kung Fu techniques devastate the enemy.

2. In Kung Fu, Muscle Power Does Not Equal Power Strikes

One of the most compelling arguments that people should try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is that it allows a weaker man to overcome a stronger opponent.

Well, Kung Fu is designed in the same way.

The functionality of Kung Fu means that punches gain power through a great leg, hip and shoulder movement.However, this is not all; the strikes are precise.

There is no wasted movement, and this precision adds up to incredibly damaging. I used to demonstrate this to people with this little test.

Take out your hand and start hitting the palm with a closed fist punch. Hit it hard, and it will soon sting, now imagine that onto your nose!

3. Kung Fu Covers Grappling As Well

Yes, many people think that grappling is not a part of Kung Fu, but this is not true. Grappling techniques are seen in many forms of Kung Fu and in this next video we see Randy Williams showing an example of the ground work.

4. Kung Fu Martial Arts Are Not Just About Fighting 

The modern world is a hard place to live, not because it is physically anymore dangerous or demanding than past centuries, but because the mental stress and strain are now greater than ever!Kung Fu is not all about violence; it is about life.

Many Kung Fu students and practitioners study the internal aspects of the art about the mind and body.This often leads to student to branch out into research around massage and chi energy, listen to martial arts expert Steve Rowe to learn more about the internal energy of martial arts

5. Being Good At Kung Fu Is So Freaking Cool!

The last thing is simple, Kung Fu is so amazingly cool.I mean when you go to a party, people start talking about football and their work, they turn to you and say "do you watch football?" You calmly answer "yes, but I am more into Kung Fu".Suddenly you become the most interesting person in the room.

Being into Kung Fu is simply awesome, no matter what level you train at. It sets you apart from the norm and being able to work the wooden dummy, do Chi Sau, and even the one-inch punch are the skills that everyone secretly would like to have!


Ok, so there you have our five reasons you need to train in Kung Fu and pick it as your martial art.

Do you train in Kung Fu now? If so let us know and please share this article, spread the word and soon everyone will be 'Kung Fu Fighting'!