Joe Rogan’s 5 Jaw-Dropping Comments On Martial Arts Training

Martial arts training

The other day I  noticed a great video that was on YouTube where one talented guy had basically taken footage of martial arts and real fights and then spliced over it a range of comments that Joe Rogan has made about martial arts training.

Whilst many only know Joe Rogan as a commentator for the UFC he is in fact, an incredible martial artist as well. Check out the footage of him on the pads below:

However if we get past the obvious high skill level of Mr Rogan we start to see a man who is almost as philosophical about the  martial arts in a way and manner I have not seen since Bruce Lee.

Joe is clearly a great ambassador for the martial arts and from that incredible video I talked about I have taken the following comments made by Joe Rogan.

I personally think these are pure genius and all martial artists could benefit from reading them. (I apologise in advance if they are not verbatim, the headlines are Joes comments with the WOMA.TV view underneath.)

1.Most People Have No Idea How Vulnerable They Are Against A Trained Martial Artist.


The point Joe is making here is an important one. If a person has trained in a martial art they have spent years learning how to destroy another human body if provoked. One minute they would be standing there and the next boom,  they are out cold with a kick to the head.

A martial artist that dedicates his life to a credible martial art becomes a dangerous human being.


2. There is So Much Ignorance and  Ego Involved From The Average  Person When It Comes To Physical  Altercations

We see this a lot, 2 men so eager to fight each other because one looked at the other too much. “what you looking at” is a familiar phrase.

The simple fact is, that most often the people fighting have never even had a fight since the playground. It is this reason that makes  them want to fight so much. It would do them a  lot of good to train martial arts to realise just how easily they could have their asses handed to them if the guy they were challenging had martial arts training behind him.

3. What Is A Tap? It is A Way of Training So That When A person Gets You, You Tap. But what Does Get You Mean? It Means You Are Dead!

Mixed martial arts training

Mixed martial arts training

I guy or girl chokes you who hits you so hard you have to stop. What does that mean? Well in the street it means that the fight is over. Be it a broken leg, arm or as simply being put out cold by a choke. That means that you could be killed. It is literally at the hands of the person doing the choking.

In training this game of pretend life and death is played every session, 3 times a week.

In reality these people are honing their skills should they have to do this for real. That one time the guy robs your house and  has a knife on him, that one time a man tries to rape you, that time a gang  tries to steal your car.

The beauty of martial arts are in training for the unknown you end up becoming a machine  that has power at their disposal over the average person.

4. Some people Have Never Faced Adversity, They Have Never Faced Physical Adversity Ever.

Getting so tired you can’t move, but there is a person trying to crank your arm into a breaking point.

Being thrown 10 times so hard, your breath leaves your body, but you still have to get up for  that 11th  time.

These are not the things that normal people go through. The result is that you become able to take things in your stride that others find very difficult to cope with.

As people break down  around you at the office because it’s 3 pm and they are tired, you are thinking of hitting those mats and bags down at the dojo.

The martial arts separate you from being normal!

5. Martial Arts Are A Vehicle For Developing Your Whole Life

salk iin meditasyon ve huzur dolu yaam

It doesn’t matter what caused you to enter the martial arts school, once inside your background is irrelevant.

Race, income, poverty, career all become obsolete.

Your training partners and your teammates will push you to become better,  fitter and you in turn, will do the same.

The weeks pass,  the month blend into each others as the volume on life outside the dojo is turned down.

Yet the  martial arts pass through you like a conduit into  everything you do and touch. You see your job interview as a game, where  you must learn the rules and techniques and if you fail you just view it as being tapped out in training. You simply look at it as a learning curve.

You start to show more respect to people as you no longer see them as just other people. You see everyone as a person that can help you become better. The guy at work who always competes in sales targets no longer is your enemy, but he is your training partner. You see them as helping you to improve.

The martial arts are life changing. Anyway check out the video…. it really will inspire you.