How To Leg Lock Like Ken and Frank Shamrock

heel 1

Ken Shamrock introduced the world to the power of leg locks in UFC 1. On  that fateful night in Denver, Colorado a muscle-bound  Shamrock entered the ring and took on Pat Smith.

The crowd was expecting a truly epic clash but they weren’t quite expecting what they saw.

Instead of seeing 2 men throw kicks and punches they saw a clinch  takedown followed by Shamrock sitting down and holding the legs of Pat Smith.

Seconds later  Pat Smith was tapping out and was in agonising pain. The world had met Shamrock and the world had finally seen an ankle lock.

These days we see these locks all the time, however in this article, we have found this footage of the master himself teaching which you can see below.


Frank Shamrock

As well as Ken Shamrocks amazing skills his adopted  brother Frank also made a huge name for himself in the world of MMA with his super fast victories via submission.

Frank is an amazing teacher and in this video below he goes over some of the finer points:

The Shamrock brothers carved out a legacy in mixed martial arts using their style of leg locks and it was really effective. In fact we have never  really seen anyone as successful with leglocks in MMA since.

Check out what Frank managed to do to UFC legend Dan Henderson in an early submission match:

Frank Shamrock retired from MMA after an amazing career but Ken still  continues and will fight Royce Gracie for a third time next month.

I wonder if we will see Ken Shamrock’s  leg locks again??

Only time will tell.