How To Fight Like Darth Vader: Improve Your Lightsaber Skills With This Guide

Star Wars The Force Awakens comes out 17th December 2015 and the world is looking forward to it and in this post you will learn how to fight like Darth Vader!

After watching the film (or for no reason at all), we will go home and grab our lightsabers and have a good old-fashioned duel with the kids, the Mrs or just have a few beers and become a sith for a few minutes.   But wouldn't it be super cool to be able to wield that saber with a little more class? In this article, we are going to focus on Darth Vader.

Yes, we know he is a Sith Lord, but the guy was also a Jedi once! 

Darth Vader's fighting style.

We are looking at this from a real technical point, so let's ignore his force powers for a second and concentrate on his saber skills.

Vader is a big guy, and he moves with amazing economical precision. He walks and doesn't run, and his movements are small and focused. This wastes less energy than the young Jedi's (and little Green dudes) who are too busy doing somersaults.

If we look at the saber style, we see a lot of similarities to the medieval fighting style of the Long Sword.

Middle Guard

Low Guard

Hanging Guard

Back Guard

High Guard

Video Tutorials

Below is an excellent video on guards

Darth Vader Fight Scenes:

If we look at the first time we saw Vader on camera fight it was against Obi-wan Kenobi, and this is how it went down:

Notice that these both fight in quite a similar manner, possibly due to age or perhaps Vader's robotic/ burned body can't do the moves anymore. Either way, we see a very skilled duel.

To further learn more about the long sword fighting positions check this out

In the original films we see Vader fight Obi, then Luke Skywalker twice.

The first time is in the Empire Strikes back:

We see Vader using one hand a few times, but mostly he is using both of his robotic hands to control the lightsaber and the fight. Eventually, he chops Luke’s hand off.

By the Return of the Jedi, we see Luke has pretty much mastered the lightsaber and ends up chopping old Daddy's hand off:

What is it about lightsabers and hands? Poor Darth has lost his twice now!

Anyway, as we know Darth does an Ultimate Warrior style pick up and throws the Emperor into the big pit of electrical power towers and we see the end of the film a short time later.

Was Darth's style better than the rest? Not sure on that one but to be fair it is pretty cool.

So now you have enough knowledge to get out your lightsaber and practice those longsword techniques. Yes, they aren’t as flashy as those Darth Maul spins but they sure are effective! Hey and Darth Maul got chopped in two by Obi so my money would be on Darth anyway!

Right, WoMA TV is off to get a slushy on planet Hoth.

See ya next time