Enter The Fire featuring Lou Ferrigno

Enter The Fire
 featuring The Hulk
 Lou Ferrigno

Enter the Fire is a Martial Arts action feature film starring The Incredible Hulk star, ​Lou Ferrigno, and Ian Lauer.  

ETF Lou Ferrigno On Set

Jake Bolt (Lauer) on the run from Monroe (Ferrigno) and the mob, meets up with his estranged foster brother. As the mafia closes in, the two brothers must band together to fend off the mafia - while trying not to kill each other in the process.  Who kills who first... watch and find out.

ETF "A word in your ear..."

Enter The Fire features a bevy of different martial artists and styles. Lead actor, Ian Lauer has black belts in both American Kenpo (GM Parker lineage) and Coszacks Karate (Mixed system conprised of Shorin-Ryu & Judo). Currently he is working towards his black belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido at Jun Chong TKD in Los Angeles.

ETF Fighting Cast

Lou Ferrigno is the original Incredible Hulk, and appeared in the remakes.  He also competed against Arnold Schwarzenegger for the title of Mr Olympia appearing in the film Pumping Iron.  He has had many, many other roles across film and tv.  He is a volunteer reserve sheriff's deputy.

Ian Lauer is known for his work on Enter the Fire (2018), The Reliant (2018) and The Musician (2017).  He undertook all ​the fight choreography, and all actors did all of their own fighting / stunts.

The writer/director is San Francisco's Phil Gorn a martial arts enthusiast.  Phil Gorn is a producer and director, known for Enter the Fire (2018), Branded (2017) and The Sky Princess (2018). ​

The female lead is Teresa Navarro.  She is an actress and producer, known for Sense8 (2015), Birth of the Dragon (2016) and Enter the Fire (2018).

Other fight action main cast are Guy Grundy who fights in the cage and is a boxer/kickboxer, a professional boxer, 4th degree TKD practitioner, UFC's Leslie Smith, and Master John Ozuna.

​Available now on Amazon Prime. You'll see lots of different martial arts styles in this movie.  

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ETF Training Scenes
ETF Face Off in the Cage
ETF Behind the Scenes Cage
ETF Romantic scene on Bridge
Enter The Fire Poster Official

Enter The Fire Poster Official

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