Effective Self-Defence For Wheelchair Users

self defence for wheelchair users

Self-protection for wheelchair users is not something that you see often, and when you do  it is either a collection of unrealistic techniques or even worse selling an idea that provides a false sense of confidence.

Wing Chun experts Steve Dyde and his student Carl Hodgetts have focused their training on Carl’s strengths and in this World of Martial Arts Television exclusive they show us some of their Effective Self Defence For Wheel Chair Users.

Here are the concepts

  1.  You Can’t Be Effective When The Opponent is Standing Up

sd wheel chair 1

2. If You Try And Fight Back Like This You Will Be Dominated

sd for wc 2

3. Instead, You Need To Bring The Attacker To You, Where Your Strength Is!

sd for wc 3

4. Once In Close, You Can Use Effective Elbow Strikes

sd for 3c 4

5. Don’t Forget That Learning To Parry Grabs or Strikes At Close Range Is Essential So You Can Then Bring The Opponent Into You

sd for wc 5


So now you have the core concepts in mind, watch the entire lesson below:

Self-defence  for Wheelchair users can be effective if taught with the strengths  of  the chair user in mind.

Do you know someone that could benefit from  this training if so please share it with them, thanks

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