Do You Make These 9 Martial Arts Mistakes

We are all really busy. If you are a student or a teacher life can be tough when it comes to juggling your home, work and family life with your passion for martial arts.

However, these are nine mistakes that you may be making that are actually harming your martial arts! How many are you making?


1. You Are Ignoring Your Own Fitness For The Sake Of Your Students


When I first started to teach I realised that my own health suffered. The result was piling on the weight because instead of training, I was actually teaching.

I went from training three days a week to teaching three days a week, and that took it’s toll!

A lot of people do not realize the negative effect that teaching part-time can have on your body.

The solution is to try and pack short workouts in your  schedule. My chosen device is the Powerwave.

I used the Powerwave and in 20 minutes I was exhausted and it has helped to keep me trim ever since. I got the idea after seeing World Judo champion Georgii Zantaraia on the device. Check it  out below


2. You Are  Not Studying For Your Grades


This lesson really hurt me hard when I first went for my Judo black  belt.

I basically went in thinking I would crush it, didn’t train at all and the result was simple I didn’t get the grade. The next time was different. I went in and smashed it.

What was the difference?

I trained hard, studied and had a plan. Grades should be tough, and you should have to pass them and not just show up! Do yourself a favor and study for them.

3. You Talk  To Your Mates While Teaching


This is something I hate. You pay for a class somewhere and the coach is busy on his phone to his girlfriend or talking to his mates. I get it, you mate turns up to your class and you want to be polite.

However, you are being paid for a service.

Solution: Tell your mate you can’t talk to him but ask him to join the class, or sit and watch until the end.

4. You Spend Too Much Time On Facebook


Today on Facebook I have seen abuse, violence, porn and  a lot of angry people.

It sucks you in, makes you engage and stops you from a) becoming a better martial artist and b) getting more students for your martial arts club.

The solution: Check Facebook once a  day and you will have a much happier life!

5. You Ignore Injuries

I hate the Doctors, and I hate paying for physio, so I ignore most of my injuries.

The result is that I am as flexible as a frozen kit kat, my back hurts, and my fingers look deformed from years of grip fighting.

Do yourself a favor. If you have an injury, give it respect and time to heal.

6. You Don’t Have A Training Diary

I first heard about a training diary from Neil Adams MBE. They are really useful, and I have used them ever since,

Get in the habit of recording your food, your training and what you learned.

The cost is just a few dollars for the diary and 30 minutes of your time each day.

7. You Do Not Promote Your Teachers School

The biggest compliment you can give your teacher is to help them promote their school.

Do it by telling others, taking 50 leaflets home and posting them one day just because you can. Leave a review on Facebook or  Google. Or perhaps bring a mate to training with you.

If every student helped promote their teachers club, there would be more people involved in martial arts today.

8. You Never Cut Your  Nails


You can never beat coming home to the wife and after a shower taking your top off for bed, and  she see’s a load of scratch marks on your back and chest.

Jeez, those nails need trimming before each session!!

9. You Forget To Wash  Your Kit


You get sweaty; you get tired, and your kit stays in your bag. It’s Monday and training is in 30 minutes time. You out in that slightly stinky top once again. Errr!!

Do yourself a favor and get your kit washed after each session. You are intimately training with others. Think of them and not you.

So are you guilty of any of these? If so, do not hide your shame, share this post and treat it like a confession.

Until next time folks.