The Devastating African Slave Style of Boxing That Makes MMA Look Tame


There is no doubt that martial arts and indeed fighting can be used to bring people together.

The spectacle of engaging in a sporting contest goes back centuries and one such art that remains close to its origins is the fighting art of Morengy.

Morengy is a style of boxing which was born in Madagascar that originated in the Maroseranana dynasty (1675- 1896) but also spread to neighbouring islands.

According to Wikipedia,  the style expanded to Reunion Island when the French transported Malagasy people to the island to work as slave workers on sugar plantations.

The contest consists of one round only which explains why it is so ferocious and the fights can be stopped due to injury or referee interruption when it is clear one fighter is hurt or outmatched, or if the fighter leaves the arena.

The fights are real events in every sense of the word with competitors coming from different villages and of course, the fans are the villagers themselves.

Take a look at some of the action below:

This video shows just how much of a community spectacle it is:

Whilst the fighting style may seem less skilled than the modern MMA style you have to consider that these fighters are not playing for points. They have one round and fully intend to knock the opponent out and they are bare knuckle.

Interestingly there is no ‘one’ style of this sport as each village has their own variation and if you study the videos you will see a lot of interesting styles. They use kicks, punches and also knee strikes all to the fast paced African music playing in the background.

I have to say it is pretty fast paced and entertaining to watch.

What do you think about this style?

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