Debi Steven: The Woman Helping To Change Lives With Self Defence Training


The World of Martial Arts Television has travelled the globe and seen countless experts in martial arts.

From Olympic Gold Medal winners to the Ninja of Japan. We have seen it all.

However, one woman is on a crusade like no other to change lives and here at WOMA.TV we think she deserves some real praise for what she does.

Meet Debi Steven

Debi is a female self-defence instructor who is teaching women across India and Africa how to protect themselves.

The organisation that Debi does this work for is called Action Breaks Silence.  In this video, Debi will tell you all about the work she does (this is a must view video)


Rape in India

Many people think that rape is not an issue in India when compared with other countries, or perhaps the stats are wrong. However Action Breaks  Silence states on their website:

  • In India, surveys have shown that a woman is subjected to Eve Teasing (public sexual harassment or molestation) every 5 minutes; a rape is reported every 21 minutes; a woman is kidnapped every 43 minutes, and approximately 14 women are killed in a dowry death every day.
  • The rate of sexual violence in South Africa is amongst the highest in the world – it is estimated that at least 500,000 rape cases take place in the country every year.  According to the UN Office on Crime and Drugs, South Africa was ranked first for rapes per capita.

I  am sure that we could all agree that the scale is truly frightening; these are real women with a very real chance of being attacked.

These women need really effective self-defence training and Debi is one of the best in the world.

In this video Debi actually shows you what works and doesn’t.


Here we see a great video highlighting her work:

I am sure we can all say what a fantastic job Debi is doing so to learn more about what she does go to

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