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3 Advanced Self Defence Strategies From Bruce Lee

There is a lot of talk about Bruce Lee’s films but few often realise just how fantastic his fighting strategy was.Bruce Lee stood just 5’7″ tall and this is not what you would consider average height, so he had to make the most of his body and his fighting techniques.Despite this, Bruce developed a range […]


Krav Maga: In Interview with Avi Moyal

Hi WoMA.TV fans. Please check out this excellent interview with Krav Maga instructor Avi Moyal. He is an expert and in this interview he talks about his art and his training. Here it is:


7 Surprising Insights on Life And BJJ From Rickson Gracie

Rickson Gracie is perhaps one of the most respected experts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu walking the earth and a few years ago he gave an amazing interview that really focused on his views about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, training, life and martial arts. When we watched this interview we really had to share this because it […]


Warning: 7 Ways Martial Arts Could Land You In Jail

  I remember years ago a tall tale that said: “martial artists have to tell anyone who is about to attack them that they do martial arts”. It was almost a disclaimer so that the attacker would be taking his life into his own hands if they didn’t go away. The second part of the […]


Do You Make These 9 Martial Arts Mistakes

We are all really busy. If you are a student or a teacher life can be tough when it comes to juggling your home, work and family life with your passion for martial arts. However, these are nine mistakes that you may be making that are actually harming your martial arts! How many are you […]


Royce Gracie: “My Toughest Opponent …….”

Royce Gracie was the skinny Brazilian kid  that turned up at the very first  Ulitmate Fighting Championship and beat everyone! From that day, the world went BJJ crazy and wanted to learn from the Gracie’s. Royce had lots of fights in MMA and has won most of them, often beating multiple champions and giving away […]

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