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Why taking up Taekwondo in my 40s was the best thing ever!

​Taekwondo In Your 40s!!!​Why taking up Taekwondo in my 40s was the best thing ever! ​​And now you can do it too ​with my Top 5 Tips…​by Kristy Hitchens ​​Am I having a near mid-life crisis?Is that what this is?Is this the equivalent of (*gulp!) buying a Harley or red sports car and dating a hot blonde?All of this and […]


Taekwondo Changed My Life

​ TAEKWONDO​  Changed  My Life!!!​B​E INSPIRED by ​Danny T Nguyen’s martial arts journey​ through TAEKWONDO.  This is a inspirational story for all martial artists, it serves as a reminder of why many of us start to train and why we continue.   His story is not a major calamity averted, it’s more a daily combination of the small […]


5 Signs You Have Found A Great Martial Arts School

I have been doing Martial Arts since I was 6 (I am now 38) and I have trained in every type of school. From the spit and sawdust boxing gyms to the church halls and leisure centres, I have also trained in the purpose-built premises as well. And I have discovered one thing; that the premises mean […]