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KALARI Sword Shield

​KALARI Sword Shield ​TIGER FIGHT SWORD SHIELD KalaripayattuKrishnan Prathap unleashes the flowing power and beauty of the Tiger Fight Sword & Shield form within Kalaripayattu.  We met Krishnan Prathap and his class in Bangalore/ Bengalaru in Karnataka.  Krishna Prathap began his training in kalaripayattu at a tender age of six under the guidance of his […]


7 Amazing Facts About Samurai Warriors (That You May Not Know)

Who Were the Samurai? Students had to learn and pledge to live by a moral code known as bushido.  Bushido placed utmost importance on respect and loyalty for a warrior’s masters, justice, courage, honesty and adopting ethically-based behaviour at all times.  If a samurai broke the bushido code, it was considered a huge dishonour.  A dishonoured […]