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​Structure Through Reference Points SILAT ​STRUCTURE THROUGH REFERENCE POINTS SILATThe awesome MAUL MORNIE shows HOW REFERENCE POINTS STRUCTURE YOUR DEFENSE and EFFECTIVE FINISH in SILAT.  It’s not a duelling art, it’s not a sport, it is all about SURVIVAL.Maul Mornie and more Silat Suffian can be found here; on YouTubeMaul565Many thanks to Dr. Eric Greenberg […]


Martial Philosopher Revealed: SILAT Fitrah

MARTIAL PHILOSOPHER REVEALED SILAT Fitrah pt1 The Martial Philosopher Revealed talks to CHRIS PARKER who studies and teaches SILAT FITRAH, a Malaysian martial art. How did he go from Shotokan Karate to Silat? Has he experienced FEAR? How did he discover his Malaysian teacher in the UK? What’s the point of training, is there a […]


5 Signs You Have Found A Great Martial Arts School

I have been doing Martial Arts since I was 6 (I am now 38) and I have trained in every type of school. From the spit and sawdust boxing gyms to the church halls and leisure centres, I have also trained in the purpose-built premises as well. And I have discovered one thing; that the premises mean […]