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Ghost Fighting Systems Jake Clarke On The Mick Tully Show

In this episode of the Mick Tully Show, we meet Jake Clarke who is the taking the boxing world by storm with the unusual Ghost system, it’s elusive fighting and then some pioneered by the martial genius Phil Norman. Check it out here: For more information on Ghost click the link below:   Phil Norman’s […]


7 Stories That Will Change The Negative Views People Have Of Cage Fighters

Cage fighters often are torn apart by the media. They are shown as brutal fighters that are nothing more than thugs. However, we know that this  is not the case and MMA fighters are usually educated individuals  with some amazing qualities. In this article, we will tell you 7 stories that will make anyone reconsider […]


MMA Striking Master Class With UFC’s Dan Hardy

World of Martial Arts Television is dedicated to bringing you great and original martial arts content. From articles to videos we want to educate and inspire the world of martial arts. Today is one of those occasions where we bring you UFC fighter, Dan Hardy. In this series, Dan teaches you his secrets of striking in […]


Mick Tully Interviews Dan Hardy

If you  are looking for interviews that really get in-depth then look no further than The Mick Tully Show (click the link to see all of the episodes)On this episode, Mick Tully talks to none other than UFC fighter Dan Hardy and goes in depth on a variety of martial arts areas. Not to be missed! […]


Erik Paulson Leg Lock Seminar Footage

Erik Paulson is one of the world’s most highly sought after MMA and grappling coaches. He has trained the likes of Brock Lesnar and Ken Shamrock.Erik came to the UK recently and World of Martial Arts Television was there to capture  the footage. Check out the videos below which show Eriks brilliant leg locks. ​4 […]