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World of Martial Arts Magazine Launch

​World of Martial Arts Magazine ​Issue 1​​​Launch​​Launching This WEEKIssue 1Welcome to the sneak preview of First Edition Cover for World Of Martial Arts Magazine​More details soon!!!!!We have grown from 11 years of success at World of Martial Arts Television, with its weekly audience between 150,000 & 4,800,000.   We are always looking for new ways to […]


Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do ‘Commentaries on the Martial Way’

​ BRUCE LEE’s ​    JEET KUNE DO   ‘Commentaries on the Martial way’   ​Review by Chris Kent​A new version of the BRUCE LEE Jeet Kune Do/ Commentaries on the Martial Way book is ​on the shelves from Tuttle Publishing. This Jeet Kune Do book features Bruce Lee’s illustrative sketches, his remarkable notes and commentaries on the nature of […]