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The Bruce Lee Student You Never Knew Existed Tells All

  When it comes to being a journalist, your work is often only as good as your sources. An insightful quote or keen bit of perspective from a relevant participant can be the difference between really getting to the heart of a matter versus merely covering it. While writing my book Striking Distance: Bruce Lee […]


3 Advanced Self Defence Strategies From Bruce Lee

There is a lot of talk about Bruce Lee’s films but few often realise just how fantastic his fighting strategy was.Bruce Lee stood just 5’7″ tall and this is not what you would consider average height, so he had to make the most of his body and his fighting techniques.Despite this, Bruce developed a range […]


Bruce Lee: The Definitive Guide

Welcome to the definitive guide to Bruce Lee.The goal of this guide is to provide people with an in-depth reference guide to the martial arts master Bruce Lee. Our hope is that this guide will be an ever expanding reference work of which we will add more information as we get it. However if you […]