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The Bruce Lee Student You Never Knew Existed Tells All

  When it comes to being a journalist, your work is often only as good as your sources. An insightful quote or keen bit of perspective from a relevant participant can be the difference between really getting to the heart of a matter versus merely covering it. While writing my book Striking Distance: Bruce Lee […]


3 Advanced Self Defence Strategies From Bruce Lee

There is a lot of talk about Bruce Lee’s films but few often realise just how fantastic his fighting strategy was.Bruce Lee stood just 5’7″ tall and this is not what you would consider average height, so he had to make the most of his body and his fighting techniques.Despite this, Bruce developed a range […]


Wing Chun Dummy: The Complete Guide To Using The Wooden Dummy

Introduction The Wing Chun Dummy is perhaps one of the most iconic items of equipment ever seen in both martial arts films and inside martial arts schools.In this article we will give you an indepth look at the Wing Chun Dummy, provide you with the facts about it’s use and origins and introduce you to […]


Bruce Lee: The Definitive Guide

Welcome to the definitive guide to Bruce Lee.The goal of this guide is to provide people with an in-depth reference guide to the martial arts master Bruce Lee. Our hope is that this guide will be an ever expanding reference work of which we will add more information as we get it. However if you […]


How Bruce Lee’s Training Tip Saved Me From Being Beaten Up

When I was a young boy I was bullied. I think that happens a lot. I remember being chased on my newspaper round almost every day by a gang of lads and every now and again they caught me. To this day,I remember the sensation of being thrown to the concrete and having my paper bag tipped […]


5 Uplifting Martial Arts Insights By Dan Inosanto

In this article World of Martial Arts Television has taken some time and effort to look at several interviews with the legendary Dan Inosanto. Each interview we have included in this post is packed with knowledge and insight, you would do well to watch them all. However as we know everyone has super busy lives […]


Bruce Lee’s 5 Epic Tips On Finding A Great Instructor

  There is no doubt that when it comes to martial arts, Bruce Lee is the person almost all instructors and students would listen to. His wisdom and skill are present in all of his writings. One such essay was written by Bruce for the manuscript of The  Tao of Gung Fu, originally drafted in […]


Bruce Lee’s 7 Tips For Self Defence: Number 4 Is Genius

  Without doubt. Bruce Lee was perhaps a huge reason I fell in love with the martial arts. After all,  this skinny guy appeared to possess almost superhuman reflexes, phenomenal strength  and martial arts skills that were far beyond anything seen on camera. I guess like most people, my fascination with Bruce Lee’s films lead […]


Dan Inosanto Reveals How Bruce Lee Really Injured His Back

  You might have seen the Hollywood movie ‘Dragon’ which was all about the life of Bruce Lee. It starred Jason Lee and was a very entertaining version of the Bruce Lee Story. In the film we see  Bruce in an epic fight where his back is badly injured. Check the clip out below: WOMA […]


Francois Arambel Wingchundo

Francois Arambel demonstrates Wingchundo the original JunfanGungFu. Fast, fluid and ferocious Wing Chun Do was created by James DeMile one of Bruce Lee’s first generation students; it is an adaptation of Bruce Lee’s modification of the ancient art of Wing Chun.

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