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An Interview With Paolo de Notaris

Hi martial arts fans.In this article we bring to you an exclusive interview with Italian Martial Artist Paolo de Notaris.Paolo has created his own unique system of Martial Art called 360gradifight and we thought it would be a great idea to learn more about it.Ready?Let’s do this(please note that this is a translated interview, for […]


How Martial Arts Can Help With Bullying: the Rubber Monkeys Discussion

Ever been bullied, ever been a bully? We locked the Rubber Monkeys, the legends Daniel Strauss, Chris Hearn and Mick Tully in a room and let them talk, the Naked Truth. Real stories from real men. In this episode, The Rubber Monkeys talk bullying and more: Who are the Rubber Monkeys? Daniel Strauss the Raspberry Ape, […]


An Interview With Judo Legend Neil Adams MBE

Filmed on the mats in the iconic Budokwai, in London, the legendary Neil Adams MBE reveals how he first started judo, what influence his father had, how he came to train at the Budokwai 40 years previously,. He explains how judo builds character in the face of adversity, how to cope with the Olympic tunnel […]


BJJ Player Charli Simkin Revealed on The Mick Tully Show

In this episode of the Micky Tully show, he chats to BJJ athlete Charli Simkin. She is rapidly rising through the ranks of the BJJ world as she is 14 x British Champion. In this episode, Mick asks:  How many major world class titles does she hold? What age is she, 15 years old? When […]


How to Generate Internal Power: With Steve Rowe

What is Internal Power? In this video Steve Rowe answers questions such as: Where does it come from? How do you access it? What’s the physical proof for it? Is it in every day life? How do you experience it? Steve Rowe is a well respected martial arts teacher based in the UK    


Secrets of Kata & Bunkai The Martial Way

In this Martial Way video we ask: What are the structures of Kata, and what are Bunkai? What use are they in training? How do they nourish physical and mental health? Why do they improve skill? How relevant are they to actual combat? What are Tensho, Pinan, Kushanku, Chinto and Naihanchi for? What are the […]


Rick Faye On The Mick Tully Show

It’s time for The Mick Tully  Show and this episode stars Rick Faye: Watch as Mick asks: Where did his martial arts journey begin? What happened when he met Guro Dan Inosanto? What was it like having Greg Nelson as a training partner? What differentiates the Minnesota Kali Group from other martial arts? Why is […]

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