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How to Use FEAR & DOUBT

How to Use FEAR & DOUBT ​Geoff Thompson, ex Doorman/ Bouncer and martial artist reveals on camera the secrets to his training and mindset.How did he use fear and doubt?  How did he let go?  How tough is the Martial Arts Forge? Does he still train?  Why did he move from martial arts to writing? […]


How To Get Into Hollywood MARTIAL MOVIES

​How To Get Into Hollywood MARTIAL MOVIES ​Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson talks​From KICKBOXER to MOVIE STAR, how did Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson break into Hollywood?  How to break into Hollywood Martial Movies?  This is Action Star Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson’s story.Action Movie star DON WILSON reveals  HOW HE SUCCEEDED in HOLLYWOOD, HOW HE MOVED from […]


Martial Philosopher Revealed: SILAT Fitrah

MARTIAL PHILOSOPHER REVEALED SILAT Fitrah pt1 The Martial Philosopher Revealed talks to CHRIS PARKER who studies and teaches SILAT FITRAH, a Malaysian martial art. How did he go from Shotokan Karate to Silat? Has he experienced FEAR? How did he discover his Malaysian teacher in the UK? What’s the point of training, is there a […]


An Interview With Paolo de Notaris

Hi martial arts fans.In this article we bring to you an exclusive interview with Italian Martial Artist Paolo de Notaris.Paolo has created his own unique system of Martial Art called 360gradifight and we thought it would be a great idea to learn more about it.Ready?Let’s do this(please note that this is a translated interview, for […]


How Martial Arts Can Help With Bullying: the Rubber Monkeys Discussion

Ever been bullied, ever been a bully? We locked the Rubber Monkeys, the legends Daniel Strauss, Chris Hearn and Mick Tully in a room and let them talk, the Naked Truth. Real stories from real men. In this episode, The Rubber Monkeys talk bullying and more: Who are the Rubber Monkeys? Daniel Strauss the Raspberry Ape, […]


An Interview With Judo Legend Neil Adams MBE

Filmed on the mats in the iconic Budokwai, in London, the legendary Neil Adams MBE reveals how he first started judo, what influence his father had, how he came to train at the Budokwai 40 years previously,. He explains how judo builds character in the face of adversity, how to cope with the Olympic tunnel […]

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