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Why The Life of Bruce Lee Should Be Taught In All High Schools

For a Martial Artist, Bruce Lee is a hero, an icon and a pioneer.Not only did Bruce Lee change Martial Arts, but he also changed the lives of so many people through his writing, his Martial Art and of course his films.The issue is that while Bruce is a hero to a generation, there are […]


7 Reasons All Martial Artists Should Visit Japan

Japan is the original home of marital arts.  Many arts, now practised all over the world, have their origins in the warrior traditions of the samurai.  Judo, karate, sumo, kendo, laidȯ, akido, kyūdȯ and shorinji kempo all have roots in Japan.As you know, succeeding in any martial art is down to dedication and continual training. […]


The Villainess Movie Review

WE found this Movie Review skewered to a tree by a Viking axe. The blood on it was fresh.  No we didn’t. The Intern gave it to the mad Swede at the end of the corridor. This is translated from Swedish. “The film stole my eyeballs from the opening kill fest.  You, yes you, the […]


10 Amazing Benefits Children Gain From Martial Arts

People often view the Martial Arts as a violence fuelling activity that makes children more aggressive.Well, nothing could further from the truth.The Martial Arts does prepare a child for the violent nature of society,  yes that much is obvious. But there is a far deeper benefit from training in the martial arts.Those benefits are personal […]


The Overlooked Aikido Technique That Is Devastating In Self Defence

Aikido is a martial art that has a lot of respect but a lot of haters. Steven Seagal made the art popular with his films such as Nico, Hard to Kill and of course Under Seige where he would throw people around and break limbs like most people snap a Kit Kat. However, with the […]


7 Unexpected Ways Martial Arts Change People (For The Better)

Our reasons for taking up martial arts vary but for most we take them up to see changes. Most people will head to the gym to see changes in their physiques but we know that the martial arts offer changes that go far deeper and in this article, we have broken down seven ways the […]


3 Ways Aikido Can Enhance Your Self Defence Skills

People think Aikido sucks when it comes to self-defence but they couldn’t be more wrong. I know we have seen videos of Judoka and MMA fighters taking down Aikido trained martial artists with ease and then tapping them out. It has lead to people thinking Aikido is only able to deal with drunks in a […]


Kung Fu Martial Arts: 5 Reasons You Need To Try Them

If you were to ask 100 martial arts instructors what style of martial art should a new student try, you would get 100 different answers.This advice is not great for a newcomer to the martial arts, but at the end of the day, everyone thinks their art is the best, and today we are going […]


Wing Chun Dummy: The Complete Guide To Using The Wooden Dummy

Introduction The Wing Chun Dummy is perhaps one of the most iconic items of equipment ever seen in both martial arts films and inside martial arts schools.In this article we will give you an indepth look at the Wing Chun Dummy, provide you with the facts about it’s use and origins and introduce you to […]

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