Bruce Lee One Inch Punch: How To Train And Use It

One of the first things that blew my mind when watching Bruce Lee was footage of his one-inch punch.

I could not understand how anyone could generate such power! Take a look below and you will see what I mean:

Since watching Bruce Lee, I have spent some time learning how to use the one-inch punch and in this article, I will give you a method for learning it and 5 surprising reasons why you should definitely use and train the one-inch punch!

How To Train The Bruce Lee One Inch Punch

In this excellent clip Richard Bustillo and the late Dave Carnell show how Bruce  Lee trained his one-inch punch:

Why You Should Train The One Inch Punch

There is a mistake held by some people that the one-inch punch is just a trick. This could not be further from the truth. The one-inch punch is a really valuable tool that in my opinion should be trained by all martial artists and law enforcement officers.

I  first realised the power of the one-inch punch when I was 15 and got dropped in sparring by a body shot. To this day and even after a long boxing career it is the only time I have ever been dropped to the floor by a punch.

What happened was quite simple, we were in close, and a short shot hit my solar plexus, and air just pushed out of my lungs, and  I  went down. This gave me a totally different viewpoint of power generation in close.


1. The  JKD Short Punch That Can Do Damage

There is a huge misunderstanding in the martial art that power only comes from big punches.

The actual reality is that striking the right target with the right amount of power is key to effective martial arts.

Try this.

Get your fist and hold it 6 inches from your other palm. Hit is as hard as you can from six inches.

It stings a little doesn’t it?

Now do the same but to your nose! (Only kidding)

You get the point, a short punch to the right area can cause some damage!

2. It Is A Great Strike If You Are Sat Down


Ok so the clip from Kill Bill 2 when Uma  Thurman uses the one-inch punch is not that realistic, but let us change the circumstances a little.

You are sat down on a train, and a drunk guy comes up to you and slaps you across the head for no reason other than being a drunken yob. What do you see? His groin!

At this height, you have no room to deliver power so the one-inch punch comes in handy.

Check the video below from the Karate Kid 2 for another suggested use:

3. It Can Be Used In Grappling Situations

I  have used the one-inch punch so many times on the ground because it causes damage.

The trick is that when grappling in self-defence on the ground target the eyes and nose. Pretty soon the nose and eyes will start to swell up and this means they will try and protect their face that allows you to escape or move to a better position.

4. It Is A Solution For People Trying To Bite You


The human bite is a real pain. It hurts!

But what do you do with a guy who tries to bite you? This happens a lot to police, security and door staff.

I have heard it all over the years. Turn the head,  press the jaw, etc

However, a short, sharp one-inch punch to the mouth solves it! So when a person tries to bite your hand, quickly retract the hand and punch.

They will be less inclined to try and bite a second time, especially if they are now missing some teeth!

5. It’s Just So Cool

Like it or not the one-inch punch is a cool demonstration of the power and body mechanics of martial arts!

Just check out the master in action to see what I mean:


If you are ever asked to demonstrate some martial  arts at a party or school event,  the Bruce Lee one-inch punch is a great crowd pleaser.


Now  to finish check out this video which has some amazing  displays of short punches in self defence!

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