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World of Martial Arts Television (WoMA.tv) is the global venue for good martial artists everywhere.

WoMA.tv produces, finds, acquires, commissions, and presents all you ever wanted to know about Martial Arts.

Discover techniques, exercises and forms from your favourite martial arts. Explore martial art philosophies, health, culture and spirituality.

Whatever your style – modern, traditional, sport, MMA, Combat, Survival, mind & body, or martial art films – there’s something for you here at WoMA.tv.

Meet The Team

Will Henshaw​

Will is an experienced TV producer who has a passion for Martial Arts.​ 

Will created the top Martial Arts TV Show 'Mind Body and Kick Ass Moves​' which aired on BBC 3

Master Wong

Master Wong​ is the Kung Fu legend of YouTube, with his channel having millions of views.

Steve Rowe​

Steve Rowe is a legend in British Martial Arts. He provides our regular wisdom in the martial arts section​.

Mick Tully

Our roving reported is Mick Tully, With an extensive background in Kali, JKD, BJJ and many more arts, he knows his stuff!

Andrew Holland​

Andrew is our digital strategist. He holds a black belt in Judo.