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7 Stories That Will Change The Negative Views People Have Of Cage Fighters

Cage fighters often are torn apart by the media.

They are shown as brutal fighters that are nothing more than thugs.

However, we know that this  is not the case and MMA fighters are usually educated individuals  with some amazing qualities.

In this article, we will tell you 7 stories that will make anyone reconsider their views on the men and women that get into the cage.

1. Roger Huerta Saves A Drowning Child In Thailand

Long-tail boats in Maya Bay, Thailand

Roger Huerta was in Thailand and swimming just off Phuket when a little girl got into trouble. It is reported that Huerta not only saved her but actually started doing CPR on her until medics arrived

2. UFC Champion Guy Mezger Saves A Woman Being Beaten Up By A Knife Wielding Maniac


If you are new to the UFC world the name of Guy Mezger might not be familiar. However, it should be!

A former student of Ken Shamrock’s Lions Den he was the UFC 13 Tournament Champion and also fought in Pride FC as well.

However, Mezger observed a lady being roughed up by her boyfriend and everyone was just looking so he intervened and the man came at Guy. A quick throw was all it needed to ko the attacker but Guy didn’t know that the man had just slashed his wrist with a knife he was holding. The result was hand surgery.

However, it could have been far worse for the female had he not had the courage to step in.

3.Ronda Rousey Donates Her UFC Belt And $30,000 Dollars To A Brazilian Judo School

Ronda Rousey is known for her tough talk, brutal opinions. and amazing fighting skills. However,the UFC champion visited the Judo school of Flavio Canto on not one but two occasion’s. There she donated $30,000 dollars and also gave her UFC belt which she defended in Brazil that week.

Check out the footage of Rousey at the school itself.

4. Conor McGregor Spends Time With Terminally Ill Child

McGregor may have recently lost a match against Nate Diaz, however, his character has certainly not suffered. After both accepting defeat in a humble manner and praising his opponent many people have seen a side to McGregor that was lost amongst all the trash talk.

However a new set of photo’s has emerged that shows the Irish fighter in yet another light.

2 Years ago Conor took time out of his training to play with terminally ill toddler Gavin Glynn.

Sadly Gavin lost his battle to cancer but his father shared the images on Twitter over the weekend.

To help other parents with children diagnosed with cancer Gavins family have created The Gavin Glyn Foundation where people can donate to this amazing charity.

5. MMA Fighter Saves A Child In A Car Being Driven Dangerously By A Drunk

Alcoholic Drink and Car Keys Under Spot Light.

Former UFC fighter Matt Hamill was driving when a dangerous vehicle crossed his path, things weren’t right so he gave chase and eventually got out on foot where he saw the driver clearly under the influence.

Once at the car he saw a young child crying in the back so he did what anyone would do (with a good punch) and smashed the window and rescued the child.

Police arrived at the scene and the driver was arrested and later charged. 

6. UFC and Wrestling Star Grants Wishes of Seriously Ill Children

Brock Lesnar is perhaps one of the scariest human beings on the planet.

A pro wrestler who then went on to become the UFC heavyweight champion of the world.

However, he went on to show his human side when he granted seriously ill children their wishes to see him as part of The Make A Wish Foundation

Check this tweet for full details

7. UFC President Dan White Donates Money To Help A Sick Child He Has Never Met

Our final story that shows the stars of MMA in a different light will finish with UFC boss Dana White.

After being sent an email from a fan that highlighted the case of a child with a brain tumor, White Donated £5000 towards the child’s treatment.

Very sadly the child passed away a few years later after the cancer returned.

Conclusion And How To Help

The stories we have highlighted are a combination of bravery and tragedy, however, they show those involved in the sport of MMA (or Cage Fighting as the media likes to call it) in a different light.

If you have read the stories here today and wish to help there are some links below of other charities that could benefit from support.