211 Movie Review

​211 Movie Review

The Cop car ride along that drives head first into a lethal robbery.  
​Inspired by true events.
211 Movie

211 Movie


​Starring NICOLAS CAGE (Gone In 60 Seconds, Face/Off) and inspired by one of the longest and bloodiest real-life events in police history… 211 - which is police code for ‘robbery in progress’ - is a high-octane action-thriller that chronicles what it means to be in the middle of an unfolding crisis situation.
Mike Chandler (Cage) is a life-long veteran police officer ready to finally enjoy his retirement and a well-deserved pension. With his partner and son-in-law, rookie Steve at his side, and Kenny, a 15-year-old court-appointed ride-along reluctantly in tow, they set out on a routine patrol of the city's streets.
The two officers and their young civilian passenger soon find themselves underprepared and outgunned when fate puts them squarely into the crosshairs of a daring bank heist in progress by a fearless team of highly trained and heavily armed men.


There are lot of Hollywood movies with incredible acting and visual effects out there. However, with a good message? Very rare. This movie is very good, and is a jewel ​amongst a load of Hollywood B movies.

The film starts out in Afghanistan and we see money being transferred to various banks around the world and to the US.  ​A gang of thieves decide to rob that bank when they get back to the U.S from their tour of military duty. The film then moves forward with a teenager being given an eye opener on hard core criminal life after being accused of bullying/ fighting (not his fault) in school. Kenny's (Michael Rainey Jr) punishment is to go on a Ride-Along with officers Mike Chandler (Nicolas Cage) and his brother-in-law partner officer Steve MacAvoy (Dwayne Cameron). Meanwhile gang leader Tre (Ori Pfeffer) and his ​gang are about to commit the bank robbery ​they've been planning for so long.

Officer Mike notices a suspicious black SUV parked in the red zone near the bank and reports a 211 is in Progress (The police code for a robbery.)

Nicholas Cage in 211

Nicholas Cage in 211

The movie displays one of the bloodiest standoffs between the robbers, police and SWAT. There is an attempt to humanize things or make it more real with Kenny's mom concerned about her boy on a Ride-Along. Moreover, she is the waitress in the restaurant where a bomb has been planted to act as an emergency services diversion so the police would ​attend there and not the bank.

​Other notable performances from Sophie Skelton as Lisa, Mike's estranged daughter who just found out she is pregnant. Moreover, Alexandra Dinu as Interpol Agent Rossi, helps give some clues to the police, based on ​her own Afghanistan experience, she knows how Tre and his men operate.

Cage plays a good part in this movie.  In addition, ​there are awesome explosions where cars are lifted way off the ground.  With all that going on, and excellent pacing the film ​bloodily ​romps through to a high intensity climax .]

Reviewed by Neil Swain

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