Martial Philosopher Revealed: SILAT Fitrah

MARTIAL PHILOSOPHER REVEALED SILAT Fitrah pt1 The Martial Philosopher Revealed talks to CHRIS PARKER who studies and teaches SILAT FITRAH, a Malaysian martial art. How did he go from Shotokan Karate to Silat? Has he experienced FEAR? How did he discover his Malaysian teacher in the UK? What’s the point of training, is there a […]


Kendo Kid Honour Your Sensei

KENDO KID Honour Your Sensei AWESOME video featuring the amazing KENDO KID practicing KENDO, taking each and every lesson and doing his best to learn and embody what his Sensei teaches. He is the KENDO KID. This is what Martial Arts is all about; Honour your teachers, your Sensei, whoever is helping you along your […]