3 Advanced Self Defence Strategies From Bruce Lee

There is a lot of talk about Bruce Lee’s films but few often realise just how fantastic his fighting strategy was. Bruce Lee stood just 5’7″ tall and this is not what you would consider average height, so he had to make the most of his body and his fighting techniques. Despite this, Bruce developed a range […]


7 Unexpected Ways Martial Arts Change People (For The Better)

Our reasons for taking up martial arts vary but for most we take them up to see changes. Most people will head to the gym to see changes in their physiques but we know that the martial arts offer changes that go far deeper and in this article, we have broken down seven ways the […]


3 Ways Aikido Can Enhance Your Self Defence Skills

People think Aikido sucks when it comes to self-defence but they couldn’t be more wrong. I know we have seen videos of Judoka and MMA fighters taking down Aikido trained martial artists with ease and then tapping them out. It has lead to people thinking Aikido is only able to deal with drunks in a […]