Gary Povey On The Mick Tully Show

This episode of The Mick Tully Show features Gary Povey You will learn: When did his martial arts journey begin? What martial arts awards has he won? Was he inspired by Bruce Lee? How did he get into Kali and MKG? What’s the significance of the Viking inspired tattoos? Ready? Here it is:  


Kobudo: The Old Martial Way Of Okinawa That Keeps Cops Safe

The world of martial arts is vast. Almost every culture from every corner of the globe has a martial art linked to their history and we are going to showcase them all to the world over time. In this article, we will be looking at Kobudo the weapon art of Okinawa and as we will […]


Bob Breen On The Mick Tully Show

It is time for another episode of The Mick Tully Show. In this episode, Mick meets Bob Breen. One of  the world’s most sought after martial arts instructors. Mick asks Bob about his history with Dan Inosanto, his life in martial arts and of course his 4 D training system. This is not to be […]


How Martial Arts Can Destroy And Then Rescue Your Life

It was around years ago I contracted Glandular Fever which then resulted in me being diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), a serious and debilitating illness that can last for years, and sometimes for life. Symptoms of CFS/ME include overwhelming exhaustion, both physical and cognitive, memory and concentration impairment, an intense ‘flu like feeling, […]


Rick Young On The Mick Tully Show

This is a truly amazing interview by Mick Tully. Today he meets the legend that is Rick Young. In this interview, we ask: How did he start in martial arts? How did a young man from 1970s Scotland get to train with Bruce Lee’s friend in Birmingham, London and then California? What other folk did […]


Teddy Riner Judo Training and Randori Footage

Teddy Riner is one of the best Judoka of all time. Multiple world champion as well as Olympic champion his skills are fearsome. In this exclusive Wold of Martial Arts Television, we have 3 videos showing Riner training. This is a behind the scenes look at the legend of Judo and you will see so […]


The Devastating African Slave Style of Boxing That Makes MMA Look Tame

There is no doubt that martial arts and indeed fighting can be used to bring people together. The spectacle of engaging in a sporting contest goes back centuries and one such art that remains close to its origins is the fighting art of Morengy. Morengy is a style of boxing which was born in Madagascar that […]