Zara Phythian On The Mick Tully Show

Once again it is time for more martial arts mayhem with The Mick Tully Show. In this episode, Mick meets Zara Phythian to learn more about her acting and martial arts background As always please like and share.    


Why The World Needs More Martial Arts Meditation Training

“The universe is process and the process is in me. when I fight this process or ignore it I am in trouble. When I move with it, something happens.” Al Chung-liang Huang Embrace Tiger, Return To Mountain   In today’s world, we live with a constant battle for attention. From Instagram, Facebook, TV shows, to […]


Bruce Lee: The Definitive Guide

Welcome to the definitive guide to Bruce Lee.The goal of this guide is to provide people with an in-depth reference guide to the martial arts master Bruce Lee. Our hope is that this guide will be an ever expanding reference work of which we will add more information as we get it. However if you […]


How Bruce Lee’s Training Tip Saved Me From Being Beaten Up

When I was a young boy I was bullied. I think that happens a lot. I remember being chased on my newspaper round almost every day by a gang of lads and every now and again they caught me. To this day,I remember the sensation of being thrown to the concrete and having my paper bag tipped […]


How Martial Arts Reduce Stress And Why You Should Give Them A Try

Right now the world is a stressful place. On a daily basis the average person spends over 2 hours each day looking at emails alone. Then when you consider that 13.3 million working days each year are lost through stress, anxiety and depression, you can see what an enormous problem stress is. Today we will […]


7 Surprising Insights on Life And BJJ From Rickson Gracie

Rickson Gracie is perhaps one of the most respected experts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu walking the earth and a few years ago he gave an amazing interview that really focused on his views about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, training, life and martial arts. When we watched this interview we really had to share this because it […]


Randy Williams On The Mick Tully Show

Hi again from World of Martial Arts Television. It’s time for another amazing episode of The Mick Tully Show. This time, Mick goes head to head with Wing Chun expert Randy Williams. Kung Fu fans are going to love this one!