5 Uplifting Martial Arts Insights By Dan Inosanto

In this article World of Martial Arts Television has taken some time and effort to look at several interviews with the legendary Dan Inosanto. Each interview we have included in this post is packed with knowledge and insight, you would do well to watch them all. However as we know everyone has super busy lives […]


Bruce Lee’s 5 Epic Tips On Finding A Great Instructor

  There is no doubt that when it comes to martial arts, Bruce Lee is the person almost all instructors and students would listen to. His wisdom and skill are present in all of his writings. One such essay was written by Bruce for the manuscript of The ┬áTao of Gung Fu, originally drafted in […]


5 Reasons Martial Artists Need To Stop Being Trolls

We see on a daily basis people ridicule, bully, troll, harass, and slander martial arts instructors who have been brave enough to showcase their skills! Today I am going to give you 5 reasons why it must stop. 1. You Can’t Say Martial Arts Can Help To Stop Bullying If Its full of Bullies I […]


10 Reasons Why Combining Your Martial Arts School With Another Is A Must

Here at Wold of Martial Arts Television, we meet a lot of martial artists. Some are part time, some are full time and a few have huge professional centres and today we will talk to you about a subject that you might find useful… resource collaboration. For those that don’t know the idea behind sharing […]


Warning: 7 Ways Martial Arts Could Land You In Jail

  I remember years ago a tall tale that said: “martial artists have to tell anyone who is about to attack them that they do martial arts”. It was almost a disclaimer so that the attacker would be taking his life into his own hands if they didn’t go away. The second part of the […]