Joe Rogan’s 5 Jaw-Dropping Comments On Martial Arts Training

The other day I  noticed a great video that was on YouTube where one talented guy had basically taken footage of martial arts and real fights and then spliced over it a range of comments that Joe Rogan has made about martial arts training. Whilst many only know Joe Rogan as a commentator for the […]


Bruce Lee’s 7 Tips For Self Defence: Number 4 Is Genius

  Without doubt. Bruce Lee was perhaps a huge reason I fell in love with the martial arts. After all,  this skinny guy appeared to possess almost superhuman reflexes, phenomenal strength  and martial arts skills that were far beyond anything seen on camera. I guess like most people, my fascination with Bruce Lee’s films lead […]


Debi Steven: The Woman Helping To Change Lives With Self Defence Training

The World of Martial Arts Television has travelled the globe and seen countless experts in martial arts. From Olympic Gold Medal winners to the Ninja of Japan. We have seen it all. However, one woman is on a crusade like no other to change lives and here at WOMA.TV we think she deserves some real praise […]


Do You Make These 9 Martial Arts Mistakes

We are all really busy. If you are a student or a teacher life can be tough when it comes to juggling your home, work and family life with your passion for martial arts. However, these are nine mistakes that you may be making that are actually harming your martial arts! How many are you […]


How To Leg Lock Like Ken and Frank Shamrock

Ken Shamrock introduced the world to the power of leg locks in UFC 1. On  that fateful night in Denver, Colorado a muscle-bound  Shamrock entered the ring and took on Pat Smith. The crowd was expecting a truly epic clash but they weren’t quite expecting what they saw. Instead of seeing 2 men throw kicks […]


Bruce Lee One Inch Punch: How To Train And Use It

One of the first things that blew my mind when watching Bruce Lee was footage of his one-inch punch. I could not understand how anyone could generate such power! Take a look below and you will see what I mean: Since watching Bruce Lee, I have spent some time learning how to use the one-inch punch […]


5 Methods To Retain And Gain More Martial Arts Students:That Work!

The martial arts are a funny old game. On one hand it is all about the spirituality, being at peace within, however on the other side, there is usually a very physical aspect to all martial arts.  This contrast is loved by some and puts others off for life. They say the average time for […]


5 Signs Of A Bad Martial Arts Teacher

In any business or profession, there is good and bad. The Martial Arts are no different. For every great martial arts instructor, there are perhaps 5 terrible ones out there. But how do you spot the bad ones? Well, do not  worry because World of Martial Arts Television is here to guide you. 1.They Have 10 […]


Geoff Thompson: How To Achieve Success In Martial Arts

Geoff Thompson is a BAFTA award-winning screenwriter and martial artist who understands what it takes to achieve success in life and the martial arts. In this interview, Geoff explains what it takes to achieve success in martial  arts and the steps you need to take. You will learn: Why climbing Mount Everest and achieving success are […]


Bruce Lee Quotes: 17 That Every Student MUST Read

Bruce Lee was not only one of the best martial artists in the world. He also was a man of great wisdom.  This article brings a range of great Bruce Lee quotes that have been collected from a variety of books and sources. These are quotes that every martial arts student should read and absorb.  Share0 […]