Martial Arts Training: Why It Will Be Huge in 2016

Martial Arts Training: Why everyone will be doing it in 2016 This article will tell you why martial arts training is about to become massive in 2016 and what you need to do to capitalise on this growing trend. Google Trends Data for the last 12 Months   If we examine the following Google Trends […]


How To Fight Like Darth Vader: Improve Your Lightsaber Skills With This Guide

Star Wars The Force Awakens comes out 17th December 2015 and the world is looking forward to it and in this post you will learn how to fight like Darth Vader!After watching the film (or for no reason at all), we will go home and grab our lightsabers and have a good old-fashioned duel with […]


The Future of Martial Arts: What Martial Arts Will Look Like in 100 Years

What Martial Arts Will Look Like in 100 yearsWhen it comes to martial arts, many are still preserved as if they were fine wine. Yes they have aged, but they are still in the same bottle they have always been in. Same dress, same techniques, and the same rituals. Some have stepped forward and changed […]