10 Reasons Why Combining Your Martial Arts School With Another Is A Must

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Here at Wold of Martial Arts Television, we meet a lot of martial artists. Some are part time, some are full time and a few have huge professional centres and today we will talk to you about a subject that you might find useful… resource collaboration.

For those that don’t know the idea behind sharing resources is to reduce overheads and maximise profits and it is very common. We have seen it with the rise in popularity of Airbnb where people rent out their spare rooms and earn money for a one or two-night stay.

We have also seen it with Uber, where people use their cars as taxi’s, and other lift/ ride share apps.

In martial arts, this has always been a common theme. A person that has a building where they teach classes from will offer his rooms out to rent to other martial arts instructors. It gives people cheap rent for a room and helps the other martial arts instructor to pay his bills.

This is a top-down model of thinking. What I am referring to is RESOURCE SHARING. What I mean by this is that you share a resource equally rather than one person owns the lease and rents space. So let me explain.

If you run a small school which gets no more than say 10 to 15 students it is going to be tough to take on a huge over head. However, it is likely that you pay a room hire fee of between £10 or £20 each session. If you train twice a week and we just average that at eight sessions per month you are looking at £160 per month (at £20) or £80 (at £10).

Well if you had 6 small martial arts schools combine their costs we would see £960 or £480 which is certainly going to pay a large part of the lease (if not all) for a full-time building.

However if that isn’t enough to get the imagination running here is a list of the advantages for you.


1. You Become A Permanent Fixture

Being in the community is a major part of martial arts. If you become a  permanent fixture in a  built up area people will naturally come to know about you. The footfall alone becomes useful.

However, much more than that you get to work in the community. Engage in key events locally, help charities and you cease to become a martial arts club, you become a martial arts school offering a wide range of services.

2. Your SEO Becomes Stronger

We all know the internet is an important part of life these days but did you know that Google like businesses to have permanent premises. If you think about it this makes massive sense.

By having a full-time centre, you become a real brick and mortar business rather than just a club that rent a church hall. The result can see you go from page 3 to the top of page 1 because your business can have its name, address and phone number listed in so many places.

A page 1 ranking on the web can do a lot for a business!

3. You Save On Bills

The major issue with running a full-time centre is the outgoings. Bills and rates, in particular, can be tough.

However between 6 of you, this makes life a lot more bearable and the downsides of sharing pale in comparison to the upsides.

4. You Equally Run A Full-Time Centre

No boss, no one telling you what to do. Just a simple business model and you all get a wage.

With 6 different martial arts on offer, you could charge up to £120 per month for unlimited training, or have tiers for those who want just one style. By working together in every area, you have the chance to earn more income.

5. Your Marketing Systems Become More Professional

With only a few students at a school (10 to 30) marketing becomes tough on a budget. However if you have 180 students each paying a minimum of £55 per month you see an income of £9,900 per month. That is plenty to have a really good marketing budget and this will bring in more students!

6. You Will All Gain Students

With increased marketing, more styles, better location and, of course, more equipment you will naturally see an increase in students, however by working together you will see people train in more than one style. New faces will keep classes fresh. Some will like your style or prefer another. Variety is what makes the martial arts amazing!

However you will have more chance for the student to find what suits them best, this reduces the attrition rate for your club. The come in wanting Krav Maga but end up training in MMA etc.

7. You Gain More Publicity

A full-time school will naturally have a larger student base and with that larger student base will come more news.

People will win events, gain trophies and awards and as such your news will be just what the local newspapers and radio stations want to hear.

Not to mention all the other cool stuff like charity ‘kickathons’ and other events you can stage. More publicity will make you the choice for martial arts training in your area.

8. It Gives A Chance For Smaller Martial Arts Clubs To Thrive

I have run a small martial arts club and it is tough. No money for equipment, no money for rent and some days only a few people turn up.

With a larger centre, you share the issues. You have access to more people and as such a huge burden gets lifted off your shoulders.

9. You Can Share Equipment To Save Money

We all know what it is like to teach on mats that are too thin, cheap hook and jab pads and have a lack of gloves.

By sharing costs, you can all use the same equipment and as such your club has access to all the best items to make training fun and enjoyable for everyone.

10. You Can Still Earn Money From Renting Your Space

Even though you have 6 clubs using the one venue, you will still have times in the day and weekend when your gym is not being used.

Rent that space out to Yoga teachers, or other fitness type classes, even weight loss clubs to get more income. Every bit helps and while people come for one reason you can market your services to them as well.



While it might seem like a great idea to run a martial arts club on your own, it can be really tough. The sharing of services and venues can really be a great tool when considering the long term future of your club.