10 Amazing Benefits Children Gain From Martial Arts

People often view the Martial Arts as a violence fuelling activity that makes children more aggressive.

Well, nothing could further from the truth.

The Martial Arts does prepare a child for the violent nature of society,  yes that much is obvious.

But there is a far deeper benefit from training in the martial arts.

Those benefits are personal and mental development,  and in this article, we are going to list the benefits children gain from regular martial arts training.


Let's do this;

1. Increased Self-Discipline

​I remember going for a job interview as a 16-year-old.

It was my first ever, and the employer asked me a few questions about my self-discipline. At that time I was a martial arts student and had been for years.

The question was 'how do you motivate yourself to work'.

My answer was not based on some made up opinion. Instead, I had my words backed up with fact.

I told them I had a work ethic that had been instilled in me for years.

From the waking up at 6 am to go running before school, to the four nights per week of training I did in the dojo.

To do this takes self-discipline.

To do this when other 16-year-olds are out smoking, and drinking takes courage.

I told them this, and I got the job.

But this is one of the most underestimated parts of martial arts that deliver so much value in life.

If we teach our kids the power of self-discipline they will be able to study hard for a test; they will be able to succeed even when faced with adversity and they will become a champion in life.

But self-discipline is not something you have; it is something you gain.The martial arts is a route to that self- discipline.

Every kick when you are tired, every time you do not pass that grading you wanted so badly and every time you get knocked on your ass in training requires immense self-discipline to come back.

And when you do the magic happens.

That victory is all the sweeter, that grade becomes even more valuable.

The Martial Arts imprints self-discipline into the DNA of those that take lessons and this passes on throughout life!

2. Improved Social Skills/ Make Friends For Life

Your child plays on x box and speaks to children over the web.

Sadly the world is not the way we grew up in, and there are risks so we can't let our children play out the same way as we did.

But the Martial Arts gives a new way to make friends.Children who take part in martial art training form a bond unlike other sports because each child helps the other to improve.

Every drill, game or throw requires children to work in co operation.

The child learns that they improve by working with their peers and this is a valuable lesson in real life.

This leads to greater connection and friendships that will last a lifetime.

3. Increased  Physical Fitness

Our children are sat down doing class work five days a week. 

Then they hit the laptops, tablets and other devices the remainder of the time.

Parents have it hard as well.

They work all the hours they can and then we have six-year-olds sent home with yet more homework that they need help with.

The result is that we have kids who spend more time stationary than active.

The Martial Arts are one of the best workouts a child can have that has the secondary benefit of giving self-defence skills.

4. Better At Setting Goals And Achieving Them

How many children set goals and achieve them?

Well the martial arts is where children learn all about the power of setting goals.

Every time they face a grading they have to make the decision on if they will take the exam. This means that they will have to train on their own, study in their time and sacrifice other activities.

But they will also learn what success feels like when they pass that grading.

They will learn that success comes from sacrifice and this sensation becomes part of them. It is a feeling they will draw upon for the rest of their lives!

​5.  Improved Self-Esteem

With the rise of social media, we see that children face body image issues all the time.

Martial Arts offer an escape from this because they focus on form and not physique!

Children will learn that it is what their body can do rather than what it looks like that is most important.

They will see that amazing martial artists come in all shapes and sizes.Indeed this is just the beginning. Their self-esteem will grow as they learn to master their body. 

Their strength will increase through exercise, and they will achieve physical feats that were once things they only saw in movies.

This will all lead to a greater feeling of self-worth!

6. They Develop Respect In The Youth Of Today

In martial arts we bow, we shake hands, and we hug our opponents.

We learn that every person is a human being, capable of being hurt and also hurting us.

As such, there is an incredible level of respect for both martial artists and other people.

We understand that it takes courage to even try martial arts and a new level of respect for people and authority is grown from the study of the arts.

I have known children with behaviour issues come to classes and turn their lives around through the required respect and focus they learn.

7.  The Children Learn To Resolve Conflict Without Using Violence

Children often fight out of fear.

Sometimes it is a fear they will lose status, other times it is a fear they will lose the respect of others.But when you have two people that feel the same way a conflict will occur.

Children will fight over the most stupid of things, but the child who takes martial arts does not need to prove themselves to others.

Each week in class and competition, the child will go out and prove themselves.

Not to others but inside their own minds.

So when the local bully wants to fight them, they simply walk away. They do not need to get into a fight.But if they are punched THEY CAN defend themselves.

The martial arts student does not seek fights, they look to avoid them, but they can finish them if provoked.

8. Better Listening Skills

In a martial arts class, you will find there are many different requests.

Each technique requires to listen, or you will not learn or know what to do.The lessons will be fast paced, a lot of commands and a lot to do.

Drills, games and techniques will flow, and this requires attention.Your child will soon learn that they need to switch on or they will be the odd one out, the one that does not know what to do and they will hate this feeling.

Even with children who listen poorly, they will soon adapt to this process.I have seen parents with their mouths wide open that can't believe that their child is doing what they are told.

This is the power of the arts!

9. Developing Teamwork Skills

​Martial Arts training appears to be a sport for individuals, but the simple truth is that it isn't.

Martial Arts is the ultimate team sport because you can not improve unless you work with others!

You must work well with your coach, your training partners and even when you go to competitions you represent your team in your matches.

Go to any martial arts tournament, and you will see the real element of teamwork as your comrades encourage you to win.

In every drill, every grading and every even this teamwork element is seen and carries onto everyday life!

10. Improvement In All Areas Of Life

A child that is mentally stimulated, who has confidence, friendship and does not walk around in fear of being beaten up will usually be a happy child.

These are all things that the martial arts will give your child.

You might start to notice changes in their behaviour at home.

Perhaps their room is a little bit tidier, or their homework gets done on time.Maybe their school reports are better as they learn to pay attention to the teacher.

Your child might want to spend less time on YouTube and more time outdoors.I have noticed a range of effects of martial arts training that are positive.

The simple fact is that martial art is more than sport, it is the science of life.

A way of finding balance in a world that is full of ego, potential harm and dark times.

Give your child the gift of martial arts and you will never regret it!

Thanks for reading.